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BALZAC® is a whole new ball game! It is big, it is light, it is not like anything you’ve ever played with before!

BALZAC® is a balloon in a sack! Sounds simple, but it can do everything other balls can do, and hundreds of things they can’t.

So take a minute to read about it and pretty soon you’ll be smacking, whacking, attacking, and having a ball with BALZAC®


1. Remove the cloth sack and one balloon from the package.

2. Insert the balloon into the sack through the hole in the cloth. Leave the mouth of the balloon sticking out.

3. Blow up the balloon (just like you would blow up a regular balloon!) until it tightly fills the entire sack. The tighter and harder the ball, the more fun it is to play with!

4. Tie at the mouth of the balloon and push the knot into the sack.

Now you’re ready to play!


Part One: Normal Play Anything to do with a ball is more fun with BALZAC® Try it with all your favorite games: Base BALZAC® , Volley BALZAC® , Kick BALZAC® , Dodge BALZAC® , and lots more! BALZAC® could be hit with a racket, bat, or a stick. You can tap it, slap it, even hit it with your head! (Remember – it is light is air.) Play it on a court with a net (or a basket – how about Basket BALZAC® ), hit it with against a wall, or just hit it! You can really whack it! And, when you get tired, you could even sit on it – bet you can’t bust BALZAC® At the pool or the beach, BALZAC® is better than the best beach ball! If you want, you can carry the BALZAC® sack and a couple of refills with you and inflate it when you get there. Note: Balzac® is not o be used as a flotation device. Play with it in the water! Try it for water polo, “chicken”, and all your favorite water games! When the sack gets wet, BALZAC® gets heavier so we can fly father. (In fact, on a very windy day, you might even want to wet the BALZAC® to help it fly, even if you’re nowhere near a pool or a lake.)

Fig 5

BALZAC® can even bounce on water! Just punch it or throw it down onto the water and BALZAC® will bounce amazingly high! (As figure as shown in Figure 5.) Make up your own games like seeing who can get BALZAC® to bounce three or four times before it gets to somebody.


BALZAC® is also perfect for using indoors. It’s so light, it’s easy on walls and furniture. (Of course, some indoor places are bad or dangerous for any ball playing, even with BALZAC® . When in doubt go out!)
PART TWO: WACKY PLAY! Now that you know all of the great stuff BALZAC® can do, we’re going to show you how to make BALZAC® + really go crazy! BALZAC® + … BALZAC® + COINS! Before you inflate balls it, put some coins in the sack (between the sack and the balloon). When you blow up the balloon, and the coins will be held in place. They act as weights to throw BALZAC® off balance. There is no telling which way BALZAC® will go! Toss it right at friends – it’ll veer away and they will never catch it! Crazy BALZAC® drives ‘em crazy! BALZAC® + RICE! Before you inflate BALZAC® , and some uncooked rice (or unpopped popcorn kernels) right into the balloon. When you blow it up, the rice knocks together and presto – Noisy BALZAC®! BALZAC® + WATER! Before you inflate BALZAC® , fill the balloon partway with water. To do this follow the diagrams.
Step 6

Put the mouth of the balloon over a
faucet. Then, slowly turn on the tap
and add some water to the balloon.

Step 6: Turn off the tap, hold the neck of the balloon
tightly and separate the balloon from
the faucet.

Then – carefully – blow up the blow up and tie off the balloon. Try it with a little water (about 8 ounces) and watch BALZAC® go! Even on a windy day, BALZAC® + with a little water will fly straight and hard. In fact, the movement of the water actually makes BALZAC® pick up speed after you throw it! BALZAC® is the ultimate fastball! BALZAC® + a little water is the most exciting at the pool. Not only does it bounce on water – you can also make it skim like a perfect stone, only better. It goes amazingly fast and creates a week like a speed boat! Your friends won’t believe their eyes! BALZAC® + more water is something totally different! Depending on how much water you add, you can make BALZAC® even heavier. It looks just like a normal BALZAC® but it drops like a lead balloon! Roll it against the wall – it stops, the moves off the other direction. Throw it forward onto the ground and it rolls off at lightning speed! (Anyone for Bowling BALZAC® ?) NOTE: We do not recommend using BALZAC® + WATER indoors – it’s wacky and heavy and could break something.


– Think BALZAC® needs more decoration? Want to personalize a BALZAC® with your name or favorite saying? Do it yourself! You can draw or write directly on the sack (we recommend using a waterproof fabric pen or marker.) Express yourself. – The BALZAC® sack comes in different kinds of cloth. Each kind of changes the total weight of BALZAC® so it flies differently. Try them all! – When you want to deflate BALZAC® , just puncture the balloon and remove it from the sack. Easy! (Of course, if you put water in BALZAC® , make sure to puncture and empty the balloon over a sink or outdoors.) Disregard broken balloons immediately. – Each BALZAC® comes with a supply of refill balloons. When you’ve used up, you can buy refills anywhere they sell 11” inch or larger balloons or buy them directly from us at the address below (10 balloons for $4.00 dollars including postage and handling). WE LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS INC. 6671 West Indiantown Rd. Suite 50-421 Jupiter, Florida 33458
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Young children could choke on or be suffocated by in an inflated balloon or piece of a broken balloon. Adults should inflate balloons and supervise their use with children under the age of six (6) years.